Zhejiang YiHong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Company for the production of laboratory and medical supplies

Yihong Medical Technology

Zhejiang Yihong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. It started its activity in 2008 from a small factory in Zhejiang province. Throughout its existence, the company has expanded its boundaries. The plant can now produce an impressive amount of laboratory and medical supplies.

Products range covers: Pipette Tips, Deep Well Plates, PCR Tubes & PCR Plates, Serological Pipette, Centrifuge Tube, Cryovial Tube, Blood Collection Tubes, Culture Plate and Petri Dish, Samples Container, Test Tube and Racks. And other products 

Last month's Sales Leader

Pipette tips with fifilter, sterile, in rack, DNase free / RNasee free / Pyrogen free / non- cytotoxic / high quality polypropylene,transparent

Top Products

Without any detectable DNA/RNA enzymes,

Proteins, pyrogen

Suitable for Eppendorf Gilson Thermo DragonLab


No toxicity, no pyrogen, DNase-/RNase-free


No toxicity, no pyrogen, DNase-/RNase-free 

0.5mL, – 5.0mL

Blood Collection Tube

Blood Collection Tube

The company has opened new production lines for the manufacture of Blood Collection Tube. 

The inner wall of the blood collection tube is  uniformly sprayed with coagulant, when the blood sample coming into the tube,which is fully contacted with coagulant, thereby achieving complete coagulation of the blood in a short time, and high-quality serum can be obtained by centrifugation, which can solve the problem of coagulation, hemolysis and coagulation for blood cell;